Blackey Script (V) – Self defined function

When developing your own scripts, there may be some frequently used judgment statements, like to statement "If there exist a certain image, click on it" we have show you earlier. if (find("res/20190809-131033.png")) { click("res/20190809-131033.png"); } else { print("No image found."); } If my script uses this statement in many places, I have to write [...]

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Blackey Script (III) – KeyCode and Input

In previous blog, we have talk about the Touch events, also we give some example about how to trigger KeyCode event. In this chapter, we will talk about the characteristics of KeyCode, and will also introduce how to use the Input function to input the text content. Functions Function Description keycode(value) [...]

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Blackey Script (II) – Press, Drag, and Wheel

We have talk about how to use the basic click function in previous blog, but sometimes we also want to achieve a long press or such as sliding behavior, so in this section, let's talk about the functions related to pressing! =͟͟͞͞( •̀д•́) Functions In Blackey Script, the commands related to touch [...]

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Blackey Script (I) – Find and Click

After familiar with the basic concepts, let's see what built-in features Blackey has. ⎝ (OωO) ⎠ In Hello Blackey !, we first briefly demonstrated the function of image search, Now we will talk more about it. Functions Function Description find(path) Given a path of an image, search whether it exist in [...]

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Blackey Script Intro. (VI) – Statements

Statement Statements is a code which using to control variable how to operate, and what to operate. The statements in Blackey Script also learn from C++ syntax. In general, most proportions of code are composed by expression statements. Expression statements are executed in order from top to bottom. It may jump when [...]

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