ey ast BlacK Whole new experience to control your device. BlacKast

phonelink Remote Control With Blackast, you can control your phone on PC.
Right click for tap; left click for back.
Type anything through keyboard directly.
queue_music Play Audio on PC The Audio on device will transfer to PC,
you can listen to music, watch video,
play games on PC, do what ever you want!
Smart Sharing To transfer file into device, just drag it into Blackey.
You can also transfer file from device,
just share it to Blackey APP.
Don't need to use USB disk or texting app anymore!
flash_on Wireless Charger Blackast support up to 12 watts wireless charging.
QC3.0 and USB PD is both supported.
Don't afraid your device will out of power.
Connecting... Connected! NFC Tag Features Start to control now!

Just Music Blackast transfer the Audio via A2DP,
so only Music/System sound will transfer to PC.
Don't worried about your phone call/VOIP will play from PC.
Power saving While connecting with Blackast,
the backlight on device will decrease to save power.
Your screen will show on PC normally.
Notification in time When there comes notification,
the Blackey's icon will indicate the new message.
You won't miss any message with Blackast.
Fit your requirement Reason to choose Blackast

Mac OS looks_one Install Blackey
Install PC program by your OS.
We support Windows / macOS / Ubuntu.
You can find it on Blackey Website.

Install Blackey APP from Google Play.
You can simply scan QRCode to get it.
looks_two Power up Blackast
Type-C connector is for power deliver.
Plug with adapter to power up.

Once the LED light on Blackast becomes green,
the Blackast is ready to connect.
looks_3 Run Blackey
Plug micro USB to PC,
then execute Blackey.

Once the LED light on Blackast becomes purple,
the Blackast is ready to project.

Now tag your device with Blackast,
enjoy it!

PC The Operating system you using is:
Windows You can still download other OS's Blackey here Find More
Android Scan the QRCode to download Blackey. Google Play You can also search Blackey from Google Play directly.
Get Blackey Program

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