What Blackey can do?

Simple to use

Just connect your device via USB to PC,
your screen will project on the PC.

Now you can control device on PC.

Seamless experience

Don’t need to install so many programs,
and login all of them on PC anymore.

Just use your phone directly.

Smart functions

There have much more we can do:
Script your daily jobs, new message notify…

Enjoy the magic of Blackey, right now!

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Keyboard Input

Type anything you want.

Type in the edit area;
Press ENTER to send.

All language you can type!

Mouse Control

Click phone just like to touch it.

Right click for touch.
Left click for back.

Wheel event is also supported.

Drag to Share

Sharing is so easy.

Drag image / files into Blackey.
Select the program to share.

That’s all! Sharing is so easy.

Gamepad Mode

Play games intuitively

Play the game as it should be.
Use keyboard to play the game directly.

Video Quality

Select quality you want.

Default is fast with medium quality.
Can config it to faster or higher.

Speed and quality are trade-off.

Blackey Script

Automate your daily job.

Wrote with a C-like language.
Can also simply record your action.

Reduce outine job, right now!

Feature List

FREE Edition PRO Edition
Projection and Control
Keyboard typing
Drag to share
Message notification
Resolution config
GPU Accelerate
Share file between Phone and PC
Limited file size to transfer 50MB Unlimited
Blackey Script
New features in the future
Price FREE! $ 19.99 / Year
$ 1.99 / Month

* You can subscribe Blackey in App. via Google Play Store.
* This price is tax excluded. Total price will vary depends by location

Use Blackey Everywhere!

Blackey is suitable for every scenario.


Make Your life Easier

Blackey Script

How to use

  • Common Step

    1. Download Blackey

    2. Connect your Android device to PC via USB

    3. Enable the ADB on your Android Device, you can refer to this guide.

    4. Install Blackey by the step below for your platform, and launch Blackey!

  • Windows User

    You need to install ADB (Android debug bridge) driver first, then to launch Blackey.

    Try to install the Universal ADB driver, and check the Device status in Windows Device Manager

  • MAC User

    Blackey application is available on Mac Apple Store.

  • Ubuntu User

    Remember to chmod blackey_installer_linux as executable (e.g. 744), then to execute it.

    $ chmod 744 blackey_installer_linux

    $ ./blackey_installer_linux